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The Contour AI SDK™ (the “SDK”) is, except as otherwise expressly stated, proprietary software owned by Contour Document Imaging, LLC (“CDI”) and may only be accessed and/or used pursuant to the terms of a License issued by CDI (“the License). X-35 Financial Technologies, LLC (“X-35”) and/or Urban FT Client Solutions, LLC (“Urban FT”) have a non-exclusive Master Licensing Agreement (“MLA”) to, subject to the terms of that MLA, promote and distribute the SDK only to clients of Urban FT provided that each client agrees to adhere to and be bound by the terms of the License. To become a client of Urban FT and to obtain a License to use the SDK, please contact Urban FT

Steps to acquire a license:

  • Contact your account manager or if you are a new client email us at to become a client.
  • Provide the package name and bundle identifier to your Urban FT Account Manager.
  • Receive a license file and client identifier that will be used when installing the SDK.

How is a license verified:

Every time the Contour AI SDK™ is launched, it initiates a multi-step verification process which also invloves communication with Contour Document Imaging, LLC (or its approved Master Licensee) licensing server.


The licensing process is built in a way to allow the SDK to launch without internet connectivity in some cases. However, this will not work on the very first instance of an SDK launch on a new app installation.

Sample code - Apache License 2.0

Code samples on this website are licensed under Apache License 2.0.

Open CV - Apache License 2.0

Open CV 4.5 and above is required by Contour AI SDK™. Depending on how you choose to install Contour AI SDK™, Open CV will either be implicitly included in the installation or will be required to be installed separately. Open CV is licensed under Apache License 2.0.