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  • We support Xcode 14 and above.


  • Minimum version of iOS supported is version 14.

Steps to integrate Contour AI SDK™ using Cocoa Pods

  • Add Contour AI SDK™ to Podfile.
pod 'ContoursAISDK'

If your project does not contain a pod file, then go to the terminal, navigate to your project folder and enter the following.

pod init
  • Open Terminal and run the pod install command to install both the pods.
pod install

If you want to update Contour AI SDK™ then run below command.

pod update ContoursAISDK

Steps to integrate Contour AI SDK™ using Swift Package Manager(SPM)

  • Click on File in XCode Menubar.
  • Click on Add package then add the following Swift package Github URL.
  • Click on the Add package button.

Steps to integrate Contour AI SDK™ using a XCFramework file

  • Download the Contour AI SDK™ XCFramework file from Github. Please make sure to periodically check for updates to the SDK.
  • Copy the framework file and paste it in the project folder.
  • Click on the Build Phase option and Link Binary with libraries. Click on + Sign -> Add other option -> Add File. Select the ContoursAI_SDK.xcframework in the project folder and click open.
  • Now you will see ContoursAI_SDK is added to your frameworks folder.
  • Click on Project File and navigate to General->Frameworks, Libraries, and Embedded Content. Set the value for Embed to Embed & Sign ONLY for ContoursAI_SDK.xcframework.
  • You can now build the project.

Simulator support

  • Exclude arm64 architecture for simulator in build settings. Add arm64 in the Excluded Architectures section. Please refer below screenshot.

Exclude arm64 support


If you are facing issue in running the app on simulator then add below code in your pod file.

post_install do |installer|      
installer.pods_project.build_configurations.each do |config|       
config.build_settings["EXCLUDED_ARCHS[sdk=iphonesimulator*]"] = "arm64"      

Steps to install the license

  • Place the licence file anywhere within the Project Bundle.
  • The license file needs to have the name contoursAI.license. If the license file name does not match, it will lead to licensing errors.
  • Make sure that your BundleIdentifier matches the BundleIdentifier that was provided while requesting the license file.

You will need to acquire a license file to successfully use the Contour AI SDK™. Please contact your CSM at Urban FT to get your license file. You will need to provide your BundleIdentifier when requesting the license file. Get more information regarding our terms here.